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God’s Love Letter to Women

Another re-post! :) The first time I read this was in ci Shinta's blog: A Love Letter

Berhubung saya merasa ada 'pangsa pasar' yang berbeda, jadi gak ada salahnya saya post ulang tulisan ini. ^^ Supaya jaringan berkatnya semakin meluaaaasss!!! :D

God’s love letter to women..

  • March 2, 2010 – 10:20 pm
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written by Josh de Gracia

Today is “girl’s day.” Women are God’s gift to men and no I am not being sarcastic. Remember God saw that Adam was lonely and formed Eve from his rib to accompany him. Even if we may jerks from time to time, thank you women for who you are and putting up with us “men.”


When I created the heavens and the earth, I spoke them into being. When I created man, I formed him and breath life into his nostrils. But you woman, I fashioned after I breathed the breath of life into man because your nostrils are too delicate. I allowed a deep sleep to to come over him so I could patiently and perfectly fashion you.

Man was put to sleep so that he could not interfere with the creativity. From one bone, I fashioned you. I chose the rib, which protects his heart and lungs and supports him, as you are meant to do. Around this one bone I shaped you, I modeled you, I created you perfectly and beautifully.

Your characteristics are as the rib: strong, yet delicate and fragile. You provide protection for the most delicate organ in man, his heart. His heart is the center of his being; his lungs hold the breath of life. The ribcage will allow itself to be broken before it will allow damage to the heart.

Support man as the ribcage supports the body. You were not taken from his feet, to be under him, nor were you taken for his head, to be above him. You were taken from his side, to stand by him and to be held close to his side.

You are My perfect angel… you are My beautiful little girl. You have grown to be a splendid woman of excellence, and My eyes fill when I see the virtues in your heart. Your eyes… don’t change them. Your lips, how lovely when they part in prayer. Your nose, so perfect in form. Your hands, so gentle to touch. I have caressed your face in your deepest sleep. I have held your heart close to Mine. Of all that lives and breaths, you are most like Me. Adam walked with Me in the cool of the day, yet he was lonely. He could not see Me or touch Me.

He could only feel Me. So everything I wanted Adam to share and experience with Me, I fashioned in you; My holiness, My strength, My purity, My love, My protection, and support. You are special because you are an extension of Me. Man represent My image, woman My emotions. Together, you represent the totality of God.

So man, treat woman well. Love her, respect her, for she is fragile. In hurting her, you hurt Me. What you do to her, you do to Me. In crushing her, you only damage your own heart; the heart of your Father and the heart of her Father.

Woman, support man. In humility, show him the power of emotion I have given you. In gentle quietness, show your strength. In love, show him that you are the rib that protects his inner self.

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  1. wowwwwwwwwwwww.... bahagianya diciptakan menjadi wanita ^___^

  2. steph, kok ga keluar ya di kompie ku, keluarnya bahasa apa gitu...kaya sign atau symbol language gitu...da ke link yg kamu kasih, ga nongol juga...aneh kok ya...padahal mau bacaaaa...hixxx

  3. @grid: iya yah?? aku juga kmaren sempet coba gak bisa sih.. umm.. mungkin diblock dari webnya kali ya.. mungkin mesti search dr google langsung.. ketik Joshua de Gracia God's Love Letter to Woman..

  4. iya gun, gw jg ga bisa baca letternya, jadi keluar tulisan aneh gt, font nya ga kebaca. kaya symbol2 semua.

  5. @ingrid n dea: hahaha ya udah dehh dihapus aja.. haha mending kalian cari di google: Josh de Gracia.. hehehe >.<

  6. wow! so blessed with this!
    it reminds me how special we are.
    God really created us to be loved!

  7. @Anonim: I guess it's Ms. Katrina? Hehe yup this is really good and true! :)


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