Kamis, 23 Juni 2016

Family is a Treasure

Dear Jesus,

This view is a common view
My little baby girl sleeps together with her daddy every night
How come this view is SOOO beautiful?

Have I ever thought that this is my life now? No...
Have I ever imagined that I am a wife and also a mother? No...

Recently, I realize the beauty of family
The warmth of their smiles
The consoling hugs they give
The richness I have never known before
Family is really a treasure

Who am I that You consider of this luxury?
I am just a super tiny little dot in this earth
When You look from the heaven above, how many times will You zoom in to look at me?
I am nobody
I am just a super tiny little dot

But still, You care about me
You put me in Your palm
Let me lay down there
Caressed by Your strong gentle hands

You know my needs
You listen to my pleas
You give the best for me

Family is the best thing for me
I thought I could live this life all by myself
However, You knew I couldn't
So You give a family for me

Yes, Lord Jesus, I remember my vow. I want to learn to hear my husband's heart and respond to his needs. I failed many times. Help me to never give up respecting, loving and serving my husband. He is a blessing for me.
Yes, Lord Jesus, I know my responsibility for my daughter. The most important thing is to teach her to love You above all. I promise I will try my best to help her find Your plan for her. She is a blessing for me.

Those are not easy tasks. But with You, only with You, Lord Jesus, I want to do it. THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving me a family!!

Amsal 17: 6
Mahkota orang-orang tua adalah anak cucu dan kehormatan anak-anak ialah nenek moyang mereka.

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