Rabu, 29 April 2015

Mineral Water Therapy

I'm trying to start blogging again. Hehe I miss blogging, but somehow I can't write long posts now. Stuck. Don't know what to write.

For now, I want to remind myself that I must must must drink mineral water as much as I can. I know my body often suffers dehidration. Blame me that I don't eat fruit. Sooo, you know, sore throat is my "best friend".

However, I know the cure know. Just drink water immediately! Actually, I am proud to say that I can drink 1L water at a time. :D *nyayayayaya* Just refill my 500ml water bottle twice, and drink it. To have a better result, after 15-30minutes, have another 1L water. Aaahh feels so good... Everytime I have this kind of drink, I call it: Mineral Water Therapy.

Too bad that I don't do this everyday. Sometimes I forget to drink, run out of water, or just try to avoid peeing so often. Well well, better I try harder to make sure my body gets enough water.

II hear that drinking enough water helps to regulate our body circulation. At the end it will give you a younger look. ;) It also heals headaches. Helps us to poop easily. So, why not drinking more and more mineral water?

Join me in this therapy and tell me your result!!

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  1. Iya nih gue pun musti disiplinin diri minum air 8 gelas sehari, kalau udah sibuk ina itu lupa deh


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