Jumat, 03 September 2010

Mrs. Silvia

Hey, this one I wrote on May 27, 2007 as a part of my writing tasks in the university. Because the topic was about my mom, I would like to put it in my blog. However, some of you might have read this for I had posted this on the Friendster blog. :)


Mrs. Silvia’s favorite sight is the sunrise. She likes to watch the sun wakes up from its sleep. Somehow, Mrs. Silvia, my mother, has some similarities with the sun she watches.

Like the sun that gives its light to plants so that the plants may develop, so does Mrs. Silvia gives her light to her five children.(The other two boys are still lands away). Raising five children all by her is not an easy task. She had to wake up every night for almost twelve years taking care of the babies. She had to stay alert everyday when all her children had chickenpox at the same time. When the children turned into teenagers, she directed them so they would not walk in the wrong paths. And now, when all her children have become grownups, her light still shines upon them. She has never stopped giving her light so that her children will not get lost and may develop well.

But like the sun which has a very high temperature, Mrs. Silvia also has high temperament. She gets angry easily. It is seen when she is working in her computer shop. If anybody try to fool her because they think that this woman is easy to be deceived, they are wrong. Mrs. Silvia will know the trick very soon because she is very smart and she will not think twice that she may let that person go. She may throw an ashtray to the person; yell at him/her to go away from her shop. So, don’t ever think to try Mrs. Silvia or you will have an ashtray mark on your forehead.

Like the sun being expected to rise every morning in our lives, so does Mrs. Silvia’s attendance being expected in every occasion. Mrs. Silvia has a lot of friends and sisters who really like to spend much time with her. Once, when the holiday came, at least three groups of people had invited her two weeks earlier to enjoy the holiday with them. Not wanting to disappoint her friends and sisters, Mrs. Silvia tried to spend some time with all of them. On the holiday, at 5 o’clock in the morning, she went for a morning walk in Ancol with Mrs. Mei Ing and Mrs. Yeyen. Then, at 11 o’clock, she went to Jatinegara to visit her mother and her sister’s family who lived together with her mother. And finally at 6.30 P.M., she had dinner with another group of friends. All her friends and sisters always expect that Mrs. Silvia can spend some time together with them.

As the sun raises everyday, Mrs. Silvia will keep watching it and her light will keep shining forever and ever.

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